Microsoft and Salesfoce Bring Enterprise Dreams Closer

Earlier this yea, in a bold and surprise move, Microsoft and Salesfoce made annoncements on their companies colllaborating to work together for the enterprise customers. During Monday’s Salesfoce conference, more information on this pact was announced, which will please both companies.

Salesforce is a major player with the enterprise customer and is a juggernaut with the sales customer. With Microsoft’s investment in the workplace and desktop world, plus with Azure, it makes it a good fit for these companies to meet up and please the enterprise user next year.

Microsoft and Salesforce Talk Future Deals In 2015

Early 2015 Collaboration

The first news from the Dreamforce conference talked all about how Microsoft and Salesforce will get toegether and produce enterprise level services. Salesforce will integreat into Office, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business on Android and iOS, and be a major force in the enterprise world.

Salesforce is also scheduled to produce a Salesforce app for Outlook as well, and this could be the biggest app of all. With millions of Outlook customers in the enterprise, having a built in Salesforce within Outlook will give them access to their customers, data, and Salesforce accounts at a buttons notice.

Microsoft and Salesforce CEO's Talk Big Business During 2014 Announcement

Second Half Of 2015

The second half of 2015 will bring another set of Salesforce and Microsoft collaborations to the enterprise customer. The Salesforce1 app for Windows Phone will launch, and this will make Windows Phone a must have for Salesforce customers. Additionally, a Salesforce app for Excel will also be launched, tightly intergrating it with Excel. With the millions of excel users in the planet, plus the potential of Windows Phone, it could greatly expand the outreach of Salesforce and Microsoft enterprise customers.

This type of deal will only expand the reach of Salesforce and Microsoft into the enterprise world, and give business customers a great level of service. The two rival companies see that they can group together and help enterprise customers and bringing together their talents to promote it for the better good. This type of collaboration is great for the tech world, and watching these two giant tech companies get along is something that the tech world greatly needs.

This collaboration is great for the business. Both companies have billions of dollars at risk, and can make that back easily if done right.

Published: Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 Last Modified: October 14, 2014

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