Microsoft and Paypal Form Surface and Lumia Alliance

More and more small businesses are using mobile payment methods to give customers payment options at their stores. With this, the Surface Pro 3 is becoming a valued business asset for them. On Tuesday, Paypal and Microsoft teamed up to give small business users a great new Surface Pro payment method.

Paypal and Microsoft made this weeks announcement at the National Retail Federation Big Show, and both of them made announcements for the Surface. Whereas the laptop was initially seen as the businesses best friend, the Surface Pro 3 is making businesses use it more, and as a POS stand for customers.

Microsoft and Paypal Show Off Surface Pro 3 Bundle

New Paypal Here For Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The sales of the Surface Pro 3 have been off the charts for Microsoft, and they are seeing businesses purchase them in large numbers. With that, businesses are looking for ways to charge customers and use them as point of sale devices, and with that Paypal steps in. This new retailer alliance is a win for both.

Paypal will be introducing a brand new Paypal Here app for Windows 8.1 later this year, and it will allow users to use Paypal here on their mobile devices. Businesses are using Paypal to accept payments and use it as a register, and now they can use their Surface Pro 3 units to act as the main POS system.

Microsoft Shows Off Surface Pro 3 With Paypal Integration

New Accesories and More

Paypal is committed to the Surface Pro 3, and is coming out with new accessories for the small business. They and Microsoft are teaming up with companies like Anthro, ArmorActive, Heckler Design, and ProClp USA and giving retailers great options for their stores. It will only become larger later this year.

Additionally, Paypal will be launching the Windows Phone app for the Microsoft Lumia phone line later this year. The Lumia 635 and Lumia 830 will be the first ones to get it. Paypal is also launching their Paypal Here SDK to Windows developer, and allowing them to test it out before it goes live.

Paypal and Microsoft have great business lines together. Now, businesses can take advantage of what each has to offer.

Published: Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 Last Modified: January 14, 2015

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