Microsoft and HP Team Up For $300 Laptop

Microsoft has a lot of competition in the Windows 8.1 world, and its biggest competitor of late has been Google. With Google launching Chromebooks in the schools and elsewhere, a cheap Chromebook means no Windows. Monday saw HP and Microsoft launch its first sub $300 laptop.

The HP Stream is a laptop that is mainly to be used online, and is the first sub $300 laptop to go against Google and its line of Chromebooks. It will be running Windows 8.1 at its launch, its initial goal of $199 wasn’t met, which was a disappointment by many following its path.

Microsoft and HP Team Up For Sub $300 Windows 8.1 Laptop

HP Stream Specs

This $300 laptop from HP will have Windows 8.1 on board, and is a 14-inch laptop for a very wide market. It will have a 1,366 x 768 display, have 2GB of RAM, 32GB of SSD local storage, and be powered by AMD’s A3 Microprocessor, which means no fans will be involved in the laptop, a first for many.

It will have a choice of colors, have two UBS ports, a HDMI socket, and MicroSD slot as well. It will come in weighing 3.8 pounds, and buyers will get 100GB of OneDrive space for free to store photos, documents, and much more. It will be a promo for two years, which they can then decide upon from there.

Microsoft's First Chromebook Killer Comes Via Help From HP

Windows On The Cheap

This laptop is meant for users who want to use Office 365 and other online services from Microsoft, since it won’t hold a ton of local storage. It will be perfect for those who use OneDrive, Office 365, and other Microsoft services, and has the reliability and technology of HP behind it.

It’s not a high-end machine at all, but is meant to compete against Google. The Chromebooks mean no Windows licenses, and this HP Stream means it does. The initial promises of this product being a $199 laptop got tech writers and enthusiasts excited, but even that price for a Windows machine would be too cheap. At $300 its a perfect fit for many online users.

This is an interesting product from HP & Microsoft. I’d like to try it out when it comes out, and see if I could operate on it.

Published: Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 Last Modified: September 9, 2014

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