Microsoft And Atari Join Forces To Bring Your Favorite Atari Games To Life Via HTML5

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Microsoft And Atari Join Forces To Bring Your Favorite Atari Games To Life Via HTML5

Microsoft and Atart have announced a join partnership where the two companies will offer a browser-based video game port to classic Atart titles. The game will also receive a makeover.

Play your favorite Atart game in the browser as Microsoft and Atari join forces to bring, currently, eight games back to life

If you’re feeling nostalgic towards your favorite arcade games for the Atari, then you may be in luck. Microsoft and Atari have create a partnership to build an browser-based portal for Atar classic, reubuilt for HTML5 and eight games are available so far.

The eight games featured are built work work with HTML5 with updated graphics, gameplay mechanics, touch screen features if browsing from a mobile device, and integration with social networks Facebook and Twitter. While built for Internet Explorer, and ad-free in Microsoft’s browser, though works with modern browsers. The iPad is supported, and Safari, though we don’t know if Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera work with the site.

Microsoft And Atari Games Html5

The classics you’re going to be getting this time around are Asteroids, Pong, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Centipede, Combat, Yars’ Revengance, and finally Super Breakout. There is online multiplayer and high score support for Facebook and Twitter, along with presumably the ability to share scores to your Facebook Wall or Twitter feed.

Atari CEO Jim Wilson said following the news that Atari and Microsoft have a long and successful relationship with Xbox Live Arcade. Wilson added it’s now easier than ever for games to access the titles.

We’ll Have To See What Arrives In The Near Future

Alongside the availability of games from Atari’s backlogs, developers can also work with Create.js. The tool allows developers to build cross-device, cross-browser HTML5-supported games. Games can be sold subject to an approval process; it’ll be interesting to see what games become available, and if developers go for the faux retro look (think Fez) or an original art style.

There’s no word on pricing and/or a minimum fee for games. This probably won’t get close to competing with iOS, Xbox Live Arcade, or digital download serves that I haven’t named. Oh Steam, right, I heard that’s fairly decent.

Heading to soon (though as of writing it’s unavailable) will house the games. Atari says the service will go live shortly.

Published: Thursday, August 30th, 2012 Last Modified: August 30, 2012

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