Microsoft Aiming Political Ads At Xbox One

Microsoft like any other company is looking to get as much advertising money thrown at its products than ever before. News came out on Friday, that Microsoft is courting political campaign ads to run along side the Xbox One and Xbox Live Dashboard which should prove interesting.

The news on Friday, circled around how Microsoft campaigned at the CPAC convention, and how they are courting political campaigns for the possibility of running ads on the Xbox console. The combination of ads and Xbox demographics could prove a big win for both sides of the equation.

Microsoft Courts Political Ads On Xbox Live Platform

Why Political Ads On Xbox?

The first question that has to come up, is why political ads on the Xbox? The reasoning is that the demographics for the Xbox Live subscriber points to those who are affluent, those who have families, and whom are the richest target for political campaign ads. By incorporating ads into the Xbox platform, Microsoft could reap big revenues from this venture.

In the past, the Xbox Live platform was used to court political ads including President Obama’s ads on the platform. Even inside the games, there have been political ads popped in, and has come to the attention of gamers on the console. Whether or not this will happen is still uncertain, but would be interesting.

Microsoft Goes For Share Of Political Ads According To Reports For Xbox One

Will Xbox Users Approve?

The current Xbox Live ecosystem has ads that are placed throughout the dashboard, and while they aren’t political, they do exist. Most users usually ignore them, but if these political ads could prove interesting and aimed towards the gamers, they could prove lucrative to the campaigns.

Gamers and Microsoft fans vary across the demographic profiles, and vary from country to country. But, the US political market is rich and the billions spent on ads traditionally go to TV ads, and Microsoft wants a piece of that action. The Xbox One is the newest console on the playground, and Microsoft is using every moment it exists, to get next generation commercials and revenue on the platform. It’s all talk for now, but could become a reality later this year.

I’m ok with this move by Microsoft. I see ads now, so I’ll see different ones later I guess.

Published: Sunday, March 9th, 2014 Last Modified: March 9, 2014

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