Microsoft Agrees To Patent Licensing Deal With RIM, Is RIMM A Turn-Around Play?

Microsoft And Rimm Licensing Deal_thumb2.png A deal between Microsoft and RIM sees the licensing of patents that covers flash memory and the speed it can move data. The move provides a sneak into BlackBerry 10, releasing February, according to analysts.

RIM gets a bit of coup with a patent covering flash memor

Microsoft and RIM announced a patent licensing deal covering flash memory. The deal provides a window into RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 mobile operating a system, a reboot and last throw of the dice for the company.

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The patent allows RIM to offer flash storage devices and increase the size of files the devices support. Reuters added the patent allows flash memory devices to transfer files between devices. We haven’t seen such functionality from RIM, so it will be interesting to see what the company shows in 2013. Whenever BlackBerry 10 releases.

IDC mobile analyst Kevin Restivo said it is an outlay for RIM, but investors get to see early information about BlackBerry 10. Investors haven’t been happy with RIM; rumors suggested the company would be bought out by Microsoft. RIM denied the rumors, however, and said it wouldn’t jump to Android either.


It’s questionable how RIM can generate excitement for developers considering iOS and Androids dominance. RIM’s failures are becoming mainstream; once casual consumers move away from an operating system it’s difficult to change opinions. It wouldn’t surprise me if some consumers didn’t know of Android.

It will be interesting to see how the two companies fair once the new operating systems are out. Microsoft has gone through the phase of launching a new operating system. Two years in it’s close to releasing Windows Phone 8. RIM is now in the stage of launching a new operating system in the wake of declining shares, lost users, and skeptical developers. That’s despite interesting features like the ability to rewind photos to edit someone blinking, for example, and the ability to swipe up to select words when typing. Though we saw with Palm and pre-HP webOS how compelling feature aren’t enough to be successful. Instead, as with the cards multitasking implementation, companies copy functionality.

RIM pushed back BlackBerry 10 to a 2013 release, originally scheduled for release this year. It held an event earlier in 2012 debuting the operating system. BlackBerry 10 skips versions 8 and 9.

Note by oliversk: I completely agree with John that RIM made too many mistakes and a turn-around is very unlikely

Published: Friday, September 21st, 2012 Last Modified: September 21, 2012

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