Microsoft Acquires Business Insights Company Metanautix

The year of 2015 can certainly be seen as a year of acquisitions for Microsoft, and the company is always looking for more additions. On Friday, Microsoft purchased another enterprise company, giving it Metanautix to add to its lineup.

The announcement of the purchase of Metanautix was a shocker to some, but adds to the enterprise lineup for Microsoft. With Metanautix focusing on business insights and enterprise level insights, it will lineup nicely with Microsoft’s set of products.

Microsoft Purchases Business Insights Company Metanautix

Who Is Metanautix?

Metanautix is a company that was founded in 2012, and is a rather young company in the overall scheme of things. The company started with just a small group of companies using its software, but has grown to have a large stable of active companies.

Not a ton of overall info is known about Metanautix, beyond the fact that they raised $7 million to get off the ground and jumped up quickly in the ranks. With the addition of this company, Microsoft can use its people and resources with its own.

Microsoft Brings Aboard Enterprise & Insights Company Metanautix

Metanautix Integration

Where Metanautix is seen to work with Microsoft well, is the way its software works with data in public and private clouds. It integrates data in warehouses like SQL Server, Oracle, and Teradata, and a number of other sources as well.

In their blog post, Microsoft stated that they will post in the upcoming months, how Metanautix technology will integrate with SQL Server and the Cortana Analytics Suite of products. No price was made on the purchase, but hopefully all got a great deal.

Microsoft adds another enterprise company to its stable. Metanautix is a newer but exciting company, and its insights can certainly keep enterprise companies happy.

Published: Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 Last Modified: December 22, 2015

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