Microsoft Accounts Get New Security Features

On Monday, as part of the new progress of securing its users, Microsoft announced a series of security measures that are aimed to keep Microsoft Account holders more secure across its platforms. The rollouts will occur over the next few days, and should be very noticeable for many.

The number of new account security features for Microsoft Accounts adds to the two-step verification process that was announced in April. Microsoft wants to keep its users and the user data more secure than ever, and these changes should help secure all Microsoft Accounts soon.

Microsoft Announces Account Security Upgrades For Its Users

Recent Activity

The first addition is the new view that will allow Microsoft Account holders to see their sign-ins and other account activities. The idea is to keep users safe, and give Microsoft data as well on its users, and know when suspicious logins might occur for instance from a different location or country. Peace of mind is the goal and should please many users.

This ability to know when a user login into their Microsoft Account from a cybercafe, from their home, or their office will be tracked within the Microsoft Account login, and the IP address, device/platform, and location will be available for users to view. Users can then let Microsoft know if it isn’t their login and secure their login then.

Microsoft Keeps Microsoft Account Holds More Secure With Latest Updates

Recovery Codes & Security Notifications

The two other additions cover other angles of its security measures. Users who have enabled the two-step authentication security are now given the ability to have a recovery code that they can use in case they lose their phone & email address. The ability to create this will act as a fail-safe incase this occurs and should be helpful.

Security notifications have also been addressed with the latest round of updates. Password reset notifications are one of the notifications that users get, and now the ability to know where users get these notifications will be seen for users. The greater visibility for giving users more security controls is important to users, and should please those who want control of their notifications.

Microsoft is doing a great job with security lately. These latest changes will keep Microsoft Account holders safe and more secure than ever before.

Published: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 Last Modified: December 10, 2013

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