Microsoft’s Latest Security Report: Human Decisions A Major Reason For Malware

A new security report from Microsoft shows that in the vast majority of malware infection cases, there’s a human decision involved and is not a threat that would’ve infected the system on its own.

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Security Intelligence Report from Microsoft Shows Human Intervention As More Common Reason For Malware Problems

The latest Security Intelligence form Microsoft talks about their researches in to the cause behind all the malware that their systems have cleaned up so far. According to the results obtained from this research, in most cases the malware required human involvement in order to infect the system. These come in the form of phishing scams, clickjacking and other forms where the user is lured in to allow their systems to be infected.

This upturns the common notion that the Windows platform itself is less secure. It might have had its shortcomings in the past but Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort behind security and that has cut down on security flaws drastically.

Social Engineering Is The Most Method Of Malware Infection

In the report, the research details how the hackers are using social mechanisms to infect systems instead of trying to circumvent the system’s security mechanisms. It is much easier to trick the user into installing malware willingly than to trying and break in through the advanced security that recent updates to Windows have brought about.

From scam emails to phishing websites and dubious offers on Facebook, there are various ways through which malware distributors get to unsuspecting users. According to the evidence produced by research, threats that use a security flaw of the system have only accounted for 0.1% of all security threats in recent times. However, their majority share of the market makes those percentages very large in actual numbers. Microsoft is aware of this situation and it has been continually working on making security better.

What this research instead shows us is that we ourselves need to be better educated against the well-disguised threats that come at us through social channels.

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Published: Sunday, October 30th, 2011 Last Modified: October 30, 2011

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