Metro Theme, HD TV, Youtube Coming To XBOX 360 Today

The design of Windows 8 is coming to XBOX today! If you like the Windows Phone 7 tiles, you will love the new XBOX dashboard theme. Here’s a preview.

Metro theme hdtv youtube

As we reported earlier this year, a new XBOX dashboard is coming to XBOX. If you haven’t logged into the XBOX lately, check it out yourself.

Metro Tiles

As you can see in the interview, the new XBOX dashboard theme features live tiles that display relevant information dynamically.

What have you been playing lately? What’s going on in your favorite games? It’s all on the tiles!

Movies, Youtube, TV All in HD

New features are coming too – best thing is that you can now stream movies, TV all in HD. Microsoft teamed up with Netflix and lots of other online streaming companies to bring you the best home entertainment.

TV, Games, Music Are Bound To XBOX Live Account

Your content is linked to your account. If you log into your XBOX Live account from another location, you can play music, TV, games that you’ve already purchased.

Published: Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 Last Modified: December 7, 2011

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