Metro Replacement Name For Windows 8 Is Going To Be Just That

Metro Replacement Name

Microsoft announced it is to replace Metro, and all its references, in Windows 8 last week. While publicly Microsoft hasn’t announced the new name, sources speaking to ZDNet claim Microsoft could simply go with Windows 8.

Microsoft could replace Metro with Windows 8 as the name of the design of the operating system’s new UI

Microsoft is renaming Metro to the same name as the operating system it represents: Windows 8. According to sources speaking to ZDNet the rebranding will apply to Windows 8 and Windows Phone, though it’s not clear if references to Metro will be completely removed or stopped going forward.

The changes will cover a few aspects: Metro-style will be know as Windows 8 application while Metro user interface will be Windows 8 user interface. Metro design will also become Windows 8 design. You’re probably seeing a theme here.

A hint that Windows 8 could be the replacement branding came from Lenovo’s Thinkpad, which references Windows 8 apps rather than Metro apps. Alone it would seem like a general referral to Windows 8 the OS. However, ZDNet’s sources suggest Lenovo has jumped the gun. I’m not sure it has, though.

Microsoft insists Metro is a codename, despite a dispute forcing a rebrand, though even with Windows 8 released to manufacturing recently Metro was still in use. The impression has been it was the final name for Windows 8’s design.

Metro surface with the Zune media player, and then Windows Phone, before being implemented on the Xbox Live dashboard and Windows 8 also. It’s seen refinements across all version, and there will probably be a point where each platform has the same look.

Metro Is No More, SO How About Windows 8?

ZDNet reported Windows 8 will apply to Windows Phone, though again we don’t know whether past references to Metro are going. Metro resembles a subway: sleek, modern, and fast.

The dispute causing Microsoft to rethink the name was with Metro Group, a European partner and retailer with Microsoft. It’s strange how Microsoft is seemingly submitting to a new name without trying to retain Metro.

At least Windows 8 is memorable. Windows 8 has the consumer awareness, so talking about Windows 8 has clear connotations. Though the name is superfluous, because consumers need to like the design.

Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Saturday, August 11th, 2012 Last Modified: August 11, 2012

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