Metro Firefox for Windows 8 Previewed, First Screenshots Are In, Tight Integration

Metro Browser Firefox For Windows 8 Os

Mozzila’s Windows 8 browser gets shown off briefly. The first screenshots are now in.

First Metro Firefox Screenshots

Important: This is an early build and the screenshots do not reflect the final design

Firefox Metro Screenshot 1.Jpg

Firefox Metro Screenshot 3.Jpg
(Playing BrowserQuest, a Mozilla game in Firefox Metro)

A screenshot of Firefox for Windows 8 shows off the early stages of the browser, launching later this year

Microsoft surprised many when they revealed that there would be other browsers coming to Windows 8 that could take advantage of the Metro UI, despite Internet Explorer being the showcase browser for the new platform. One of the developers – Mozilla – has shown off an early look at the upcoming browser for Windows 8.

The Firefox Roadmap, as the company calls it, aimed at getting a working prototype of the browser up-and-running by Q2 2012. Two days into the second quarter, the company shows off that prototype.

The browser currently looks similar to the Android version, but can perform regular functions such as browsing the web, creating tabs and bookmarking pages. UI work hasn’t even begun yet.The current tile design for Metro looks pretty basic, showing the Firefox logo that you would see if downloaded right now. Undoubtedly this will change, and look more unique for Metro.

Tightly Integrated Into Windows 8

The company has also confirmed that the browser is already integrated into the operating system.

Metro snap – which allows two apps to share screen space, such as a web page and Twitter – is working. Also supported is opening multiple files, and saving files in Metro. Users can share files within Metro.

When Microsoft announced that other browsers could run in Metro, the company also said they would have to be set as the default to work fully. The reason is so users don’t get thrown out of one version of Windows to another when opening a file.

Charm integration – Accessing Sidebar Features, Context Menu

Charms are also working, particularly Search. Entering a URL will load the page, though anything else will open the default browser.

The Share Charm also works, sharing any page through social networks – Twitter and Facebook – along with Mail.

The developer has explained why a Metro Firefox is important. They say that, because a browser has to be set as Metro and therefore that side of Windows 8 is integral. Whatever browser users select, it’ll have a great Metro experience.

Users will switch browsers if one offers a better Metro experience than others. Microsoft was keen to show IE Metro.

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Firefox Metro Screenshot 1.Jpg

Published: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 Last Modified: April 4, 2012

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