Metro 2033 Trailer & Screenshots

Based on a novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 is an innovative shooter game that combines elements of the horror, RPG and FPS genre. The trailer gives you a first idea of the environment, atmosphere and gameplay, but careful(!), this is not for the faint-hearted.

Metro 2033 Trailer & Screenshots

The THQ game will be available for XBOX and PC, release date is the 16th March 2010 for the US and 19th March for the EU.
If you like post-apocalyptic scenarios (Fallout, Book of Eli) and Left 4 Dead 2, you will most likely enjoy this game.

Similar to Fable 3, Metro 2033 will not have a HUD (Heads Up Display, which shows you vital character information, e.g. HP), so you will never really know how much HP you still have.

Metro 2033 Trailer

Metro 2033 Screenshots

Published: Monday, February 22nd, 2010 Last Modified: February 22, 2010

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