Metal Gear Solid 5 to feature open world gameplay

Kojima productions kick-started Microsoft’s E3 press conference with a tantalising trailer for the new Metal Gear Solid game – MGS5: The Phantom Pain.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain trailer sparks excitement


The most obvious change is that the game will be based in an open world with a real time clock. Throughout out the trailer we see all the new features that Kojima productions have added to one of the most acclaimed gaming series of all times.

We see the introduction of the new gameplay mechanics such as horse-riding along with other forms of transport all taking place in an epic open world landscape that might remind a few of Red Dead Redemption initially. The game looks set to take place – at least partially – in Afghanistan. Dynamic weather effects and the night/day clock are all portrayed effectively throughout the trailer.

The combat and stealth systems have also received a facelift with a snippet of “Dynamic CQC” being shown and also a clip on how the real time clock effect the espionage action as Snake uses the dark to his advantage.

MGS5 impresses with incredible visuals at E3 as we see series favourites return

The visuals are breath-taking throughout and Metal Gear Solids newest incarnation is set to keep up the series reputation of continually setting the benchmark in each generation of consoles when it comes to graphics.


Not much is revealed about the plot but we do see the return of series staples including Snake, Ocelot, Miller and Emmerich . We also see the introduction of some new characters including Skullface who is described as someone with “no history” and looks set to be the villain of the game but fans of the series will know that Kojima is unlikely to have a straightforward plot.

First Multi-Platform release of Metal Gear Solid set to impress on Xbox One

Metal Gear Solid has always been linked with Microsoft’s rival Sony so to have the games trailer launch the Microsoft Press Conference was definite show of one-upmanship as they battle it out at E3.

The game will be released on current-gen and next gen consoles including the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and will run on Kojima’s latest iteration of the Fox Engine.

Published: Thursday, June 13th, 2013 Last Modified: June 13, 2013

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