Men In Black 3 Wallpaper, Windows 7 Theme – They’re Back In Black and 3D

The Men in Black are back in 3D. Grab this free wallpaper theme now with the first few Men in Black 3 HD wallpapers.

Men In Black 3 Wallpaper Themes for Desktop

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be back in full 3D in 2012. The movie is scheduled for May 24th, 2012.

In the movie Agent J (Smith) time travels to the 60’s to encounter the younger Agent K (Jones) and prevent some evil aliens from messing with the MIB.

Men In Black 3 Wallpapers

The wallpapers will be added to your desktop and rotate once every 15-30 minutes in a random order:

Men In Black 3 Wallpaper 1
Men In Black 3 Wallpaper 2
Men In Black 3 Wallpaper 3
Men In Black 3 Wallpaper 4

Download Windows 7 Theme

Men In Black 3  Windows 7 Theme

Download Men In Black 3 Theme

We’ll update this theme when we get some more official desktop wallpapers. The new theme will be posted on the main page then.

Published: Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 Last Modified: December 28, 2011

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