Mega List Of 150 Free Windows 7 Themes For Your PC

Looking for a new way to customize your PC? How about downloading some of the free themes on this mega, mega list of over 150 Windows 7 themes! Mega List Of 150 Free Themes

The following list links to various other lists with some of the best free desktop themes that you can download on sites like and others. If you are looking for quality styles, this is a good place to start. If you are new to all of this, it is highly recommended that you first read one of our extensive guides on how to apply shell themes

Also make sure to check out our 2nd mega list of 198 themes

Glass themes are always cool, transparent and shiny, cool list for some of the best free styles

Best Glass Windows 7 Themes

I like blue themes, some of them are very refreshing. Great list with 10 very modern visual styles

10 Custom Modern Windows 7 Themes For Free

If you like themes inspired by Aero check out this list

custom Windows 7 Aero themes for Free download

This is a list with some of the best free purple themes and of course some of Mac themes

Best Custom Purple Windows 7 Themes and Visual Styles

If you’re holding onto the past and liked Vista for what it was, then this is a list worth bookmarking *hint*

Best Vista Windows 7 Themes

This list features some very elegant custom styles.

8 Elegant custom Windows 7 themes

We have something for everyone. This list features various shell themes with Animals
Custom Animal Themes for Windows 7

Another list with free transparent desktop themes, including some cool backgrounds
Best Shiny Windows 7 Themes for Windows 7

Never getting enough of that ocean view? Same here, this list will get you started and entertained for a while
Top 10 Custom Themes for Windows 7 With Ocean Background Images

A list with custom themes that have a rather special Start menu
Windows 7 themes with cool start menus

Yes we like Android and we like Ubuntu here, so this is a must-visit list of 7 awesome and free themes
Android Ubuntu Windows 7 Themes

You need cool custom Windows 7 visual themes for the New Year 2012? We’ve compiled a nice list of the 8 best themes.
Custom Visual Styles for Windows 7 for 2012

List Of 8 Windows 7 Basic Mode Themes Dragons Death Note Looking for some cool Windows 7 themes to customize your PC? Here are various shell themes that support Windows 7 Basic Mode and are intended for fans of Death Note, Harley Davidson, Dragons or Space. Check this out!

This list shows off various themes including some that support the Basic Mode. Great stuff!
Clean Windows 7 Themes Lion X Led Zeppelin Shell

Keep it simple. A list with rather simple styles

Simple But Elegant Windows 7 Themes

The following list is very recent and has some really amazing shell themes

Amazing Windows 7 Themes

Last, but not least we have something for all Star Wars fans. Check this out, it’s free

Some Of The Coolest Windows 7 Star Wars Themes

Free Wallpaper Themes

Looking for .themepack themes rather than shell themes?
Anime themes
Go to this page and select a subcategory browse list of free themes

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Published: Monday, April 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: March 28, 2014

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