MEGA Giveaway: Darksiders 2, CS:GO, Batman Arkham City And More Themes

Celebrating 5000 themes

We are celebrating 5000 articles on our site and are having a MEGA blowout. Yes, that’s right, we are giving away copies of Darksiders 2, Batman, Saints Row 3 and many top games.

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Anime themes Hey you! Join us now – giveaway runs from May 5th to August 5th. Because that is quite some time, we are giving away games during that time, not all at once when the giveaway is over, so join in as soon as possible, we are starting to give away games right NOW.

We are going to to need a real e-Mail address (will be hidden and not shared with anyone) in order to gift the game via mail using Steam’s gift inventory. If you do not claim the gift it goes right back into our inventory and someone else will get it

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Mega-Blowout Of Our Steam Inventory This Summer

Here are the games we are giving away this time (excluding Shogun 2, Space Marine, Metro 2033 from our last giveaway)

Giveaway Part 1.Jpg

Giveaway Part 1.Jpg

The full list is quite long:

  • 4x Portal 1
  • 2x Lead and Gold
  • 2x Trine
  • 1x Thief 4
  • 1x Europa 3
  • 1x Section 8
  • 1x Killing Floor
  • 1x Grid
  • 1x TDU2
  • 1x Warhammer 40k DoW 2
  • 1x Two Worlds 2
  • 1x Saints Row 3
  • 6x Blur
  • 1x Magic 2012 Gold Pack
  • 1x Transformers War for Cybertron
  • 1x Batman Arkham City
  • 1x Darksiders 2
  • 1x CS:GO Beta key

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Batman Arkham City Theme 

Saints Row The Third Wallpaper

Saints Row The Third  

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Darksiders 2 Theme

Counter-Strike Offensive Theme Free Download

CS:GO Theme

We are currently adding lots of Anime themes  that you should check out as well

Published: Friday, May 4th, 2012 Last Modified: June 3, 2013

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