Bookmark: MEGA Compilation Added With 500 Free Windows 7 Themes

500 Free Game Themes For Your Pc.png Alright, all of you gamers out there, we have compiled a MEGA list for you with nearly 500 Windows 7 themes

For the best download experience:

Anime themes
We recommend you bookmark our mega compilation and then head over to to register and then you can enjoy the fastest downloads on our site within minutes

Infinite Scroll: Easy Browsing, Easy Download

What’s so great about this list you ask? Well, it makes downloading themes really easy. For once, we used a special technique called infinite loop to make browsing through all themes a blast! Next, we added direct download buttons so you can quickly jump to the download site. Additionally, there are buttons to comment on the theme, send it to a friend or report a broken theme

So – what are you waiting for? All TOP themes that include sounds, cursors, Start buttons and icons are highlighted with a special purple border.

Click here to access the MEGA list of game themes with over 500 free downloads

Here’s an example of a highlighted top theme:

Top Theme For Windows 7 And Windows 8.Jpg

Do you see the green little icons? Yes, hover over them to see what they’re doing


Published: Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 Last Modified: June 3, 2013

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