Medal of Honor 2010 Release Date Delayed?

The official multiplayer beta release of Medal of Honor 2010 is in a couple days (21st), but according to some rumors the release date for the game itself will be delayed due to bad reviews of the multiplayer part.

Medal of Honor 2010 release date

Release date delayed?
Originally, Medal of Honor 2010 is scheduled to be released this fall. The release date that has been announced by EA is October 12, 2010. However, the multiplayer beta has already received a lot of criticism from magazines all over the world, so that EA might be planning to work on that part of the game, but they are probably waiting for a reaction from the global Medal of Honor community.

Get beta key
To get you beta key for Medal of Honor 2010 you need an EA account. Head over to to get your beta key!

Medal of Honor 2010 Wallpapers

Medal Of Honor 2010 Wallpaper

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Published: Friday, June 18th, 2010 Last Modified: June 18, 2010

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