Medal of Honor 2 Release Date TBA – March 6

Medal Of Honor 2 2012 Release Date.jpg 1Latest press releases are in and it looks like EA will unveil Medal of Honor 2 soon. Release date is TBA on March 6.

Approx. Release Date: November 2012

Danger Close is working on the Medal of Honor sequel who also worked on the singleplayer mode for Medal of Honor 1

DICE (BF3) also worked on the multiplayer part of MoH 1, so it’s possible they will do that again or Danger Close will jump in for them.

Medal of Honor did not outsell Call of Duty, but it sold decent numbers making the game profitable for EA and the devs. Because the game was quite controversial and included some elements that forced the US military to ban the game at their bases it will be interesting to see what EA/Danger Close have in store for gamers this time. Maybe they learned a lesson from this.

Published: Friday, February 10th, 2012 Last Modified: February 10, 2012

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