Max Payne Mobile Coming to iOS and Android Devices (Gameplay Video)

Max Payne 3 Slow Motion Gameplay Iphone Android Devices

Can Max Payne (iOS/Android) emulate the successful port of GTA 3 to touch screens?

Max Payne brings slow-motion gameplay to iPhone and Android devices

Rockstar are following up on bringing over Grand Theft Auto to touch-based platforms with Max Payne 3. GTA 3 was praised for its deep customization options on touch platforms, so is Max Payne doing the same?

Rockstar launched the iOS version yesterday, with the Android version launching April 26. The port features HD graphics, Social Club Connectivity and the customizable controls.

Rockstar haven’t confirmed the Android device that will support the game, but iPhones from the iPhone 3GS and forward support the game along with all three iPads.

Interestingly, Rockstar have brought over the PC version of Max Payne. That’s a pretty radical departure from the price input over a keyboard and a mouse. This is where the customization options come in: players can pick from auto-lock settings, or choose a free look for a more traditional experience. Buttons can be moved around the screen, and the movement and aiming sticks can be switched. Sensitivity can also be adjusted, while tapping the screen can be set to trigger jumps.

PC controls, mobile design

Rockstar haven’t introduced virtual analog sticks, emulating the PC in full as any touch triggers a movement. The result is accurate aiming, rather than having a corner of the screen for movement and aiming.

The only problem with the controls is that it’s difficult to move and shoot at the same time. By default, players will have to take their right thumb off the fire button to aim. Otherwise the game is a full port, dialogue, comic strips and all. iPad support also means the game puts the HD and up-rezzed textures to good use.

There’s no Game Center support in Max Payne Mobile, as Rockstar offer the aforementioned Social Club instead. It’s literally the development house’s version of Game Center, offering achievements and friends list.

I don’t know how companies can deliver a full console experience, because the controls are so different. Wouldn’t a controller be cumbersome to use with iPhones?

Max Payne Mobile is out now for iOS, and comes to Android devices April 26. It’s available for $3 on iOS, which is pretty outstanding value for a console experience.

Published: Friday, April 13th, 2012 Last Modified: May 10, 2012

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