Master Your Typing With Master Of Typing 2 On Windows 10

There are a number of us who love to type, but are looking for ways to improve on our typing skills. Some pick it up quicker than others, and some need help touch typing. For all the crowds talked about, Master Of Typing 2 exists.

Master of Typing 2 is a free program available from Education Terra, and its main goal is to make you a better touch typist. It supports users of all ages and skills, and is quite a fun way to learn to type.

Learn Touch Typing With Masters Of Typing 2

Start Touch Typing

Master of Typing 2 helps you start typing by using all 10 fingers, and that will help you save time as you type. It offers you a very educational tutorial, that helps you learn, use prompts, take typing exams, and practice.

The practice levels and exams in Masters Of Typing 2 will allow typists to learn the benefits of turning on and off uppercase letter, numbers, and symbols as they type. It also highlights the next key to help you learn.

All Around Typing Lessons Are Learned With Masters Of Typing 2

Good For Advanced Users Too

Masters of Typing 2 is certainly an app for beginning typists, but it offers programs and lessons for advanced typists also. It offers 2 types of text direction, choices of fingers to use, and offers various typing settings.

The various text samples present various difficulty levels, and the application gives hints and other useful information. Its a lightweight download, and gives the touch typists around there ways to enjoy typing.

Masters of Typing 2 is a free Windows 10 app. If you want to type better, download and install it today.

Published: Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 Last Modified: March 21, 2017

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