Master Photo Editing With Polarr Phot Editor Pro On Windows 10

There is no shortage of photo editing apps in the Windows Store, and many of the free ones just do enough for everyone. Every once in a while, a premium one makes the app worth the price, Polarr Photo Editor Pro is one of them.

Photo Editor Pro by Polarr is a premium photo editing app on Windows 10, and it easily is one of the more advanced photo editing apps for Windows 10. At only $19.99, you will keep it handy when editing photos all the time.

Photo Editor Pro Makes Photo Editing Simple On Windows 10

Photo Editor Pro Features

The app itself features a ton of highlights that should capture the interst of any photo fan. It detects face detection via the face editing panel, lets users adjust skin tones, face widths, nose heights, and eye sizes.

The app features liquify, clone and healing tools to get started. It also has advanced text tools with shapes, ornaments, and multiple blend modes. It bundles a ton of features for almost anyone.

Take Photos To New Levels With Windows 10 App

Full Set Of Advanced Features

Inside, photo fans will get a complete set of color, radial, and gradient masking tools and brushing tools. Editors can use multiple local adjustments and layers to take their photos to the next level.

The multiple batch export, copy and paste adjustment tools will thrill novice to advanced users too. The app has beta support for RAW formats, and has over 100 filters for different scenes and settings.

Photo Editor Pro is quite a photo editing app on the Windows Store. It’s steep at $19.99, but it’s easily worth the price once you edit a photo or two with the app.

Published: Saturday, July 29th, 2017 Last Modified: July 29, 2017

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