Mass Effect 3’s Controversial Extended Cut DLC Available, BioWare Issues Caution

Mass Effect 3 Ending Dlc

Mass Effect 3 DLC not radical, executive producer Casey Hudson says.

Mass Effect 3’s ending was a bit confusing, but BioWare are saying the post-ending DLC isn’t a wholesale change

I’m sure you’ve played Mass Effect 3 by now, or heard of the much-criticized ending: it was confusing and didn’t answer questions the series had been asking throughout the trilogy. BioWare’s executive producer on the series, Casey Hudson, said in a recent podcast on the eve of the DLC’s launch that complete changes have not been made.

The ending is effectively an addendum to the game’s original ending, Hudson said, simply expanding on what we saw back in March. The difficulty is that some people didn’t like the ending at all, while some – like me – were apathetic. Therefore, redoing the whole ending means the people who didn’t want that complete change are probably going to be left with more questions. A compromise of expanding on what happened is probably the best idea.

It wasn’t all negative, though: Hudson said in the podcast that some people liked the ending, or constructively criticized by presenting alternate theories (I’m not going to talk about them – buy the game and experience it). To be honest, a post-launch DLC ending could fix what I didn’t like. I guess I’ll have to post feedback on it after tonight.

There Was No Conspiracy

Around March, when theories were abound, some fans accused BioWare of holding back the DLC because the negative fan reaction was anticipated. Personally I think that’s rubbish: it sounds like the DLC was recorded afterwards. And besides, how could BioWare have predicted such an outrage? Are people basically saying BioWare created a sub-par ending, to release free DLC, and to issue statements saying the company is listening to feedback?

Hudson also said Extended Cut is to add to the experience, not to make fans happy. BioWare, here’s a heads up: people will not be happy with your DLC, no matter what you provide. It would have been better to not touch the ending. I thought the game to that point was the best Mass Effect had ever been. I was excited to play, and disappointed to finish.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut is out now. European PS3 owners have to wait until July 6.

Published: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 Last Modified: June 26, 2012

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