Mass Effect 3 to be more emotional, Origin-only for PC. No Steam!

Mass Effect 3 is not releasing until March this year but, in an interview with Bioware Pulse, lead writer Mac Walters describes Mass Effect 3 as the most “emotional” yet.

mass Effect 3 no steam

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Since Mass Effect debuted in 2007, Walters says that the writing team have increased relatively to the depth of the games. Bioware are making it easy for newcomers to the series to step in but, for those who been following the franchise, Walters describes the writing team as making Mass Effect 3 have the deepest story ever and focus to be that of a movie.

Greater human interest points

Along with the story itself, Walters and the rest of the writing team are aware of making ‘your Sheppard’ a true reflection of yourself. Not only does this come across in aesthetic customization, but also in the personality of Sheppard. Walters describes this process as deepening “Sheppard as a character…you really get to express what your Sheppard is feeling…throughout the war.” Despite the focus on the trailers so far, Walters is keen to emphasize the theme of humanity throughout Mass Effect 3:

There is a human side to the story…Why shouldn’t that human have an emotional component throughout the game?”

Walters shared no word on whether dialogue and story-arc choices would heavily influence the experience the writing team are trying to create, particularly as previous Mass Effect titles have traditionally given users plenty of choice in this regard, and if the humanity the team is trying to create for Sheppard ultimately comes down to you. Along with Bioware improving the way Sheppard moves and acts in combat, describing the character as more “dynamic, the result should be that Sheppard really does convey a sense of humanity and realism.

Questions over realism

However, despite Bioware being keen to appeal to a wide range of audiences, some of that audience might not buy into the closing chapter of the trilogy (literally). In a Q&A session published on the official Bioware forums recently, community manager of Dragon Age and Mass Effect – Chris Priestly – has described where Mass Effect 3 will be available: through Origin.

Priestly reasons the lack of Steam support due to the platform adopting a “set of restrictive terms of service” which restrict how “developers interact with customers to deliver patches” and DLC. This is particularly frustrating for users considering the previous titles are, at least for the moment, available through Steam. Priestly offered no word on potential future Steam availability, only saying Mass Effect 3 will be Origin-only for PC during “initial release.”

Additionally, Priestly also confirmed details such as the title requiring a one-off authentication and users being able to opt out of data collection.

Mass Effect 3 launches March 6 this year in North American, March 8 in Australia, 9 in European territories and March 15 in Japan. The game will also launch on the Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3.

Published: Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 Last Modified: January 18, 2012

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