Mass Effect 3 ahead of schedue pre-release compared to prequel

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Mass Effect 3 pre-orders “well ahead” of prequel
. First reviews are in!

Set targets broken

In an interview with MCV, EA have said that Mass Effect pre-orders are well ahead of where Mass Effect 2 was at this stage in its release schedule. Undoubtedly this is partly down to the live action trailers the publisher has been pushing for the third installment in the Mass Effect trilogy, though EA is making a big push across all mediums.

EA has described their aim as trying to build a triple-A campaign. EA product manager Will Graham described “TV, cinema” along with “outdoor activity” as capturing the mainstream audience. Graham also said that all platforms are aligned for launch.

First review describes Mass Effect 3 as the “most compelling experience”

German gaming magazine Gamestar has published the first review of the PC version of Mass Effect 3, describing it as “constantly thrilling … and dramatic.”

From the official Bioware forums, user hagren has provided a summary of the key points from the review. The main quest is 15-20 hours in length, with around 40 hours of playtime, though side missions are vital to generate enough opposition to the Reaper threat. There are also no loose ends or cliffhangers; the ending is described as “very intense and touching.”

Choices players make have a big affect on the experience in game: there are more than 100 scenes, conversations and events which change depending on every decision you have made throughout the franchise. On this note the review also states the game will be enjoyed the most by people who have played the other two titles.

Some negatives from the review are that AI is still not very advanced, and balancing (presumably between weapons and powers across classes) isn’t “optimal.” The low polygon count, lack of detail and low texture resolution also disappointed.

The role-playing side of Mass Effect 3 has lots more depth: there are more opportunities to customize Shepard, each class has eight talents with six levels, and from the fourth level there are two branches to choose from during every level up.

Scanning planets is also not very repetitive – it is a lot quicker and there is a new mini-game where you have to navigate the Normandy away from the Reapers.

Published: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Last Modified: February 28, 2012

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