Margaritaville Online: Best Facebook Game To Date?

Margaritaville Online Facebook Game_thumb.jpg 1Social games are trending. If you are transitioning from hardcore to casual gamer, you might want to try Margaritaville Online, a social game on Facebook that is the most extensive game for the “platform”.

Jimmy Buffet’s song is, as the name suggests, the inspiration for Margaritaville Online. If you like to explore virtual words and play mini games, Margaritaville will not let you down, there’s much to do and have fun with.

The game setting is beautiful and relaxing: A tropical island where you have to build up a bar. Sounds simple? Yes, but there’s more to it.

Margaritaville has a lot of content that awaits you. Caves, beaches and other locations want to be explored and have some lucrative hidden treasures in store for you.

Margaritaville Online Facebook Game 1

Smashing crates to get items is also part of the game, but also more complex mini-games like fishing and hunting the pirates of the island.

If you are not so much into social games, but consider trying one, this game might be a good choice, because it provides a little more content than the average 0815 facebook game.

The publisher of the game is not Zynga, it’s THQ (Saints Row 3, Darksiders). THQ is currently restructuring the company after a weak 2011. However, things are looking better ahead with Saints Row 4 in development, Darksiders 2 and UFC3 coming out soon and this trending Facebook game. Let’s see what THQ has in store for Margaritaville players in 2012!

Published: Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 Last Modified: January 31, 2012

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