Map App Discovery Heights Google Maps On Windows 10

Google Maps is simply one of the best services that Google has to offer, and its used by millions of users on a daily basis. But, their Windows 10 app of Google Maps has lingered, thus resulting in Maps App Discovery to bring their version to Windows 10.

Maps App Discovery is a mapping service that uses the Google Maps API service, and it uses the Google Material Design to help bring an almost perfect version of Google Maps to the Windows 10 user experience.

Mps App Discovery Brings Google Maps In App Form To Windows 10

Maps App Discovery Features

With Maps App Discovery you are getting a third-party app that is bringing as much of Google Maps to the Windows 10 ecosystem. It features draggable maps, satellite imagery, earth view, street view and detailed instructions.

The Maps App Discovery app is able to be used on both PC’s, mobile devices, and even the larger Surface Hub. It is a free app on the Windows Store, and it has gotten rave reviews from Google Maps users who want an app versus the web.

Discover Google Maps On Windows 10 With Maps App Discovery

Highlights & Reviews

The Maps App Discovery app for Windows 10 is a very lightweight app at under 2MB in size, and works across Windows 10 platforms. It has been called a nice start, a pretty neat Google Maps app, and a nice implementation by many users who have downloaded it.

Google still hasn’t and won’t give Windows 10 users the full Street Maps app yet, and it’s not sure if they will ever do it. The web experience is what Google wants, and they will probably just do that. For others, Maps App Discovery is it.

Maps App Discovery isn’t perfect but its a fine app. It’s also free, and worth checking out on Windows 10 today.

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Published: Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 Last Modified: July 12, 2016

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