Manage Your Podcasts With MyPodcasts On Windows 10

As you can tell by this column, we enjoy podcasts and various apps on the Windows 10 devices. A new free one called MyPodcasts is a unique one, and its a premium podcast client for Windows 10.

MyPodcasts is a free podcast client for Windows 10, and its made by Daniel Lam. It does have in-app purchases available, but the free version of the app has a ton of feature to love.

Manage Your Podcasts With MyPodcasts

App Highlights

The MyPodcasts app has a great mini player that lets you listen to podcasts while working or enjoying your computer. It has continuum support to work across devices, and even has a light mode for late night listening.

Inside the app, it has a swipe gesture support movement, and that helps across tablet and touch devices. It has OPML support, video podcast support, and even authenticated podcast support.

Listen To One Or Many Podcasts With MyPodcasts

Simple To Use

One thing that podcast listeners will like about this app, is that it lets users create smartlists easy, create playlists easier, and it has bluetooth and windows media playback shortcuts.

The app is quick loading, and works great with just a simple podcast or a large amount of podcasts that you might listen to. The app is one of the better podcast clients, and is a great addition to Windows 10.

Grab MyPodcasts is you listen to podcasts often. It’s free, and worth the download.

Published: Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 Last Modified: October 31, 2017

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