Manage Your Music Collection WIth Diko For Discogs On Windows 10

Keeping track of your music collection can be for some a full-time job, with new music popping up by the day. Discogs has been popular among fans to track it, and now Disko For Discogs brings that to Windows 10.

Disko for Digcogs is in its beta release, and the makers are looking to make sure it works before a full release. It allows users to inventory and track their music collection with total ease.

Track Your Music With Diskos App On Windows 10

App Features

With Disko for Discogs, users get a universal app that works across Desktop and Windows 10 Phone devices. WIth that, the app allows users to track, search, and manage their music collections.

Users can search for music by artist name, by releases, by master releases, by labels, and finally by user. It also includes roaming settings, user profiles, and ways to manage your collections and wantlists.

Control Your Music Library With Diskos App

What is Discogs and Does It Work?

Discogs is short for discographies, and its a crowdsourced website that includes audio recordings, commercial releases, bootleg relases, and other music sources from all over the Internet.

I gave the app a shot on my Windows 10 device, and got it going. My music collection isn’t too vast, with most done by streaming sources, but it managed my collection well. It helped me keep track of what I have, and more so.

Diskos for Discogs is available now on the Windows 10 Store. Try out the beta, and let them know your thoughts.

Published: Friday, August 11th, 2017 Last Modified: August 11, 2017

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