Manage Your Devices With Manager For Devices Gold On Windows 10

There are a lot of Windows 10 users who have a ton of devices connected to their PC, and often times don’t know a lot about how they work, when they work, or what happens when they don’t. Now, Manager for Devices Gold solves that.

Manager For Devices Gold is a Windows 10 app made by NeonBand, and it is one of the premier apps that shows you device information on your Windows 10 PC. It gives detailed information at just a click away.

Manage Your Windows 10 Devices With Free App

App Features

With Manager for Devices Gold, you get a look at your operating system, processor, display, battery, network, connected external devices, and a ton more. This makes it easy to monitor exactly what is going on with your PC.

Where the app shines, is where users can generate a text report, and take notes on the report. Users can then take that report and print or share them with friends, colleagues, or anyone else they choose too.

Analyze Your Windows 10 Devices With Manager For Devices Gold

Built For Users

Manager for Devices Gold is truly built for Windows 10 users, since it lets you print the reports, export them, edit them in a text document, and get quick access to the information. This makes sharing problems a breeze.

Additionally, the app features an ink tool, and this lets users make notes on the report with a pen input. Thiscan then be saved as a .png file, and then users can share the edited picture online or via email.

Manager for Devices Gold is free and available on the Windows Store. It’s quite an app, and a very useful download.

Published: Sunday, April 16th, 2017 Last Modified: April 16, 2017

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