Manage Your Collections With Collecto On Windows 10

Many of us gather our own favorite collections of items around the house, bedroom, or garage. Cataloging these items is always such a chore, and tracking them is a bore. With Collecto on Windows 10, it has become a lot easier.

Collecto is a free Windows 10 app made by David Catuhe, and its main purpose is to make collections easier to organize on your digital device. It works on Windows 10 desktops, notebook, tablets, and even Windows 10 phones.

Organize Collections On Windows 10 With Collecto

Collecto Features

Collecto is a free Windows 10 app, but does feature in-app purchases once you start getting fancy with it. It handles everything that you can collect, and that goes for DVD’s, movies, CD’s, cards, collectibles, and anything else.

You are able to quickly tag your items, and search for pictures on Bing or Amazon to add to your collection. It features a live tile for Windows 10 users, and you can share your collections on Twitter or Facebook with the app.

Organize Blu-Ray Movies With Collecto

A Fan Favorite

You are able to quickly starting organizing comic book collections, videos, DVD’s, and anything else you want with Collecto. It is a very nice app, and useful one too. It syncs with OneDrive, and that makes cloud storage possibility a reality.

The app itself is a very basic app and features a barcode scanner if you want to use that. That way, it can find your specific item online, and pull it up via the bar code. This makes it easy and fun to use for projects & gatherings.

Collecto is free, and a fun Windows 10 app. It’s available now, so start organizing.

Published: Friday, January 6th, 2017 Last Modified: January 6, 2017

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