Manage Your Anime and Manga With MALClient On Windows 10

The exciting and fun world of anime and manga has fans all around the world, and the exciting changes in technology mean reading them has become much easier. If you are looking for a great Windows 10 to manage your collections, take a peek at MALClient.

MALClient is a new Windows 10 app, that is specifically meant to help readers manage and control their anime and manga collections. It’s universal windows app, and is meant for Windows 10 desktops, tablets, phones, and any other devices that support it.

Manage Your Anime and Manga With MALClient

MALClient Features

The MALClient app for Windows 10 is a very complex and feature filled app, and is meant for manga and anime collections. You can browse your own list of collections, view others, and upload your own anime entries and tags for specific ones.

It’s more than just a collection app, as MALClient lets you view forums, browse related anime, search for new anime, pin anime series to your customizeable tiles, and is meant to be a true Windows 10 anime and manga hub for users.

Expand & Enhance Your Anime With MALClient On Windows 10

Social and News

One thing that users will probably love is the ability to share their collections with others and use its social media sharing features to expand their love for it. It has news and article support, and even ways to read and send MAL messages.

If you are looking for new shows and characters, you can do that with this app, and even view currently airing anime. For day and night readers, it has day and light themes, and that helps with reading at anytime. It’s definitely built and made with the user in mind.

If you enjoy anime or manga, MALClient is a perfect app. Grab it today from the Windows Store today.

Published: Friday, October 7th, 2016 Last Modified: October 7, 2016

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