Manage Strong Passwords WIth Advance Password Manager On Windows 10

We all know that security on our devices is of the utmost importance, and keeping track of strong passwords is very hard. A new Microsoft Edge extension for Windows 10 aims to make it a lot easier for all.

Advance Password Manager is meant to work with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, and it is made by PCVARK PVT. LTD. It’s a free extension with in-app purchases, that aims to make password managing easy.

Manage Passwords With Advance Password Manager

App/Extension Features

With Advanced Password Manager, you install it wihtin Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 device, and have the abililty to save login usernames and passwords simply and efficiently.

Users can add notes, generate strong passwords, auto-fill details, quickly checkout on shopping sites with credit cards in your vault, organize sites, edit profiles, and sync passwords across browsers.

Keep Track Of Passwords & Sites With Edge Extension

Does It Work & Competition

I got a chance to download the Microsoft Edge extension and try it out on my system. It works fairly well, and makes strong password generation a breeze. It works like other password apps & extensions though.

In this security/password field, there’s a lot of competition, and names like Lastpass often popup among users. It’s not quite up to Lastpass standards for me, but its free and a worthy addition to Microsoft Edge.

Try out Advance Password Manager for free today. Keep your passwords secure with it, and stay safe online.

Published: Saturday, August 5th, 2017 Last Modified: August 5, 2017

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