Manage & Shorten URL’s With Short.y On Windows 10

As the Internet and web pages grow, the URL’s for them have gotten longer and longer, and remembering them or sharing them have become a chore. Short.y has come out with a new Windows 10 app, and lets you share long URL’s with a simple app on Windows 10.

Short.y is a Universal Windows 10 app, and works across desktops, laptops, tablets, or phones. It lets users shorten URL’s using the URL shortening service, and lets them share these long URL’s with a shorter version via email, social media, and more.

Shorten Long URL's With Short.y App On Windows 10

Short.y Features

The Short.y app on Windows 10 is a robust app that lets users do a number of things. Users can shorten URL’s, get custom identifiers with their shortened URL’s, view the statistics of the shortened URL’s, and share URL’s from other apps with ease.

You can additionally extract links from text shared to it. It works extremely well with the Microsoft Edge browser as well, and users can shorten links while copying it to your clipboard automatically. It saves long typing of URL’s with this app.

Utilize Short Is.Gd URL's With Short.y App On Windows 10

Why Shorten URL’s?

Many might wonder why you world want to shorten a URL, and want such an app like Short.y? Many like to share long URL’s, track how many clicks a link gets, and like to share links across social media or emails. This makes it a ton easier to do that.

It also works in the action center to shorten URL’s, and that makes it a great Windows 10 app as well. It’s been redone a few times since its inception, and their latest launch makes Short.y a great tool. If you share URL’s with colleagues, friends, or more, try this app out.

The Short.y URL shortener is free and available on the Windows Store. It is a sleek app, and it seems like a true winner.


Published: Thursday, July 7th, 2016 Last Modified: July 7, 2016

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