Manage Passbook Files With Wallet Pass On Windows 10

Managing passbook files or pkpass files on your Windows 10 device is sometimes a hard thing to do, and managing them across Windows 10 devices is often harder. Now, a developer has made is much easier with a Windows 10 app called Wallet Pass.

Wallet Pass is a Windows 10 app available for $0.99 on the Windows Store, and its main goal is to help manage passbook files or pkpass files. You can store and sort these files, and help manage your mobile life as well.

Wallet Pass Lets You Manage Passbook Files Easily On Windows 10 Devices

Wallet Pass Features

With Wallet Pass you can import .pkpass files from the browser or within your emails. You can then in turn show the passbooks to use them, and the locations are shown in the included passbooks with the Nokia Here Maps app.

This app lets you save the passbooks to your wallet automatically, and you can manage every passbook inside the app. This helps with those who actively use passbooks for a variety of uses, and should help those who use Windows 10 desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Passbooks Found Easier With Wallet Pass App On Windows 10

Wallet Pass Made For Windows 10

To show how the Wallet Pass is made for Windows 10, it lets you pin live tiles to the smart screen for evrey passbook. You can then save those calendar events from passbooks data, and get notifications in the action center. What a deal.

You also get automatic updates of the new app once you buy it, and you can backup your passbooks too. If you run it across multiple devices, the app lets you synchronize between devices, and includes a barcode scan and PIN-lock for mobile devices.

If you use Passbook files, Wallet Pass is a life changer. It’s less than $1 to try out, and could save you endless minutes over the long run.

Published: Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 Last Modified: November 29, 2016

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