Manage Multiple Appointments With Revent On Windows 10

When you have a busy schedule, trying to manage multiple appointments can be time consuming, and quite a chore. Having a perfect app on your desktop and phone helps, but which one. Windows 10 fans now have Revent available for their needs.

Revent is a premium Windows 10 app, and it comes from Ikarago, and is available on the Windows Store. It retails for $2.99, and is a great appointment managing app, and lets you juggle your schedule with some ease.

Revent Lets You Manage Appointments Via Templates On Windows 10

Revent Features

With Revent, you are able to create templates for appointments, that you frequently plan. This can be helpful for recurring meetings, appointments for children, or anything that happens on a more than frequent basis.

You can ask Cortana to open the template for you, and then pin templates to your Start Menu for even extra convenience. You can create these templates from .ics calendar files, and use multiple devices to see your schedule.

Juggle Dentist Appointments & Others Using Revent

Touch & Organize

All you need to do is touch the template you want to use with your finger or mouse, and then add details to that template. The new appointment is then added to your calendar, and you can open it up whenever to make adjustments if needed.

It lets you spend less time typing, and more time focusing on the things that matter, in the blog post on the Revent website. It does require Outlook Mail & Calendar to work properly, as it gets the information from there when needed.

If you juggle multiple appointments, try out Revent. It’s available now, and a worthy addition to your daily routine.

Published: Friday, March 31st, 2017 Last Modified: March 31, 2017

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