Manage Disk Space With Disko On Windows 10

Even though hard drives are getting bigger as technology advances, so are the apps, data, and files than encompass them. Apps though are getting more advanced, and ones like Disko are out there to help you manage your hard drive space better.

Disko is a premium Windows 10 app, and it’s one of the more advanced hard drive management tools available for Windows 10 today. It gives users a ton of management tools, and will certainly leave your hard drive in better shape from using it.

Disko Is A Premier Hard Drive Manager For Windows 10

Disko Features

When you download and use Disko, you are getting an advanced auto-scan tool that will analyze your hard drive space automatically. You can then use Disko to delete unwanted or duplicate files on your hard drive, and get that space back.

Additionally, Disko will tell you what types of files are taking up space on your hard drive, and help you declutter them. You can delete them as soon as it finds duplicates, and can help analyze more than 10,000 files per minute.

Disko Launches As Drive Manager On Windows 10

Safety First Though

One thing that Disko states though, is that it operates as safety first. It does this by moving unwanted files to recycling bin, and then it will prompt the user to delete them from there. That way, it doesn’t delete files without warning.

Lastly, it protects your system in a sandboxed environment, and that means you can use it to delete unwanted files and folders, but in a safeguarded environment. It’s built exclusively for Windows 10, and is available for $7.99 on the Windows Store.

If you need a hard drive manager, then Disko is a great tool. It’s a new app, and worth trying on Windows 10 today.

Published: Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 Last Modified: October 4, 2016

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