Make Windows 7 Look Like XP With This Theme

Missing the good old Windows XP look? Let’s be oldschool and make Windows 7 look like XP with this cool Windows 7 theme.
XP Theme for Windows 7

Make Windows 7 look like XP

Windows XP was a great leap in the Windows Family and it brought with it many features which completely changed the Windows experience. If you want Windows 7 to look like Windows XP then you need to install a 3rd Party XP theme for Windows 7. Since Windows 7 doesn’t support Third Party Themes you need to install a program which patches Windows 7 to support Third Party Themes. Following is the step by step procedure.

1. Step Go download VistaGlazzfrom – a nice site for windows users – and install it or download the Universal Theme Patcher


2. Step After Installing VistaGlazz, run the program, the following screen will appear.

Download Page

3. Step First you need to perform the Patch, for that Click on the Computer Icon.


4. Step In the next screen Click on “Patch Files”.


5. Step Now you will be asked to Reboot the System. Click Reboot.

Patch Files Vista Glazz

6. Step After the Reboot Download the Windows XP theme for Windows 7 from Here.

Reboot VistaGlazz

7. Step Extract the Theme rar file to a Folder.

Windows XP theme

8. Step Now in the extracted theme folder, locate the folder named “themes”.

theme rar

9. Step Copy the content of the “themes” folder.


10. Step Navigate to the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

copy themes folder

11. Now paste the content you copied in step 9.


12. Double Click on the .theme file you pasted. In our case its Luna.theme, this will convert the current theme to Windows XP.

paste theme

Now you have got the XP looks back within Windows 7. The theme patcher we have used is a well known free utility available over the internet. The best thing about it is that it also gives the option to un-patch the files to their original position once the theme you wanted has been installed for further security.

XP theme

There are other cool themes that can make Windows 7 look like XP, but this one is pretty decent. Man this is so oldschool – loving it!


Published: Friday, September 30th, 2011 Last Modified: September 30, 2011

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