Make Photos Sparkle With Adobe Photoshop Elements On Windows 10

There are a lot of people who have tried Photoshop on various platforms, but don’t really get it, or its too complicated. For most users, a basic photo editor works, and Adobe has Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 on Windows 10 for them.

Adobe Photoshop ELements 15 is the latest installment of the app from Adobe, and it gives most users all the features they will ever need for their photos. Best of all, its cheaper than Photoshop, and has most of its features.

Find Photos & Edit Them With Ease With Adobe App

App Features

Its hard to write about all the features of the Photoshop Elements 15 app, but we can go through most of them with you. Searching for photos with the app is quick, and you can use Smart Tags to find sunsets, birthdays, and other photos with ease.

The organizer and quick edit mode get you into the photo editor quickly, and is touch-friendly for Surface type devices or tablets. You can tap, swipe, and start making photo editing changes within seconds of loading up the picture.

Turn Frowns Upside Down With Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 On Windows 10

Advanced Features

Users can turn smiles upside down, turn photos into cool visual text, add embossed looks, and make the images pop like never before. Photo painting effects let people add multiple effects to a photo, and that makes them shine like never before.

Collages of effects, motion blurs, custom frames, enhanced fine-tuning features, batch editing, and social sharing are the last group of features with the app. It comes in at $99.95 but if you are serious about photo editing, its a great app.

If you’ve wanted Photoshop, but don’t want the full app this is your app. It’s a fully packed photo editing app, and available for Windows 10 devices now.

Published: Friday, December 30th, 2016 Last Modified: December 30, 2016

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