Make Facebook Video & Audio Calls On Windows 10

Facebook’s app across both mobile, web, and desktop apps are some of the mostly widely used apps today. Their mobile apps usually lead the way with the others to follow. Facebook has recently updated their Windows 10 app to allow video & audio calls.

The addition of the ability to make video and audio calls using the Facebook Windows 10 app should excite many. Many use the app to communicate with friends and family, and will be able to that with their Windows 10 machines.

Facebook App Improves With Mobile and Video Calls On Windows 10

How To Make Calls

Now, it’s pretty easy to make phone and videos calls using the feature using both the Facebook main app and Messenger app. Users can now click on the phone icon on the top right corner, and then start communicating with them within seconds if available.

Of course, the phone and video calls using the Facebook ecosystem does require a mobile or Wi-Fi connection, or hard wired Ethernet connection. It has worked well with their main apps across Android and iOS and should with the Windows 10 update.

Windows 10 Facebook App Gets Better With Calling Updates

Messenger Improvements

With the improvements made to the Windows 10 app, Facebook updated their Messenger app for Windows 10 also to include these audio and video call updates. As the number of Windows 10 Mobile devices grow, so will the number of calls made using this app.

Granted, Facebook really isn’t spending a ton of time on their Windows 10 Mobile apps, as the market share of the Windows 10 Mobile market shrinks, but enterprise and business users enjoy the phones, and so do many consumers.

Facebook’s new updates are making their way across the web. Yours should update soon, so stay tuned.

Published: Monday, October 24th, 2016 Last Modified: October 24, 2016

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