Microsoft Restructuring: Major Executive Shifts In Redmond

On Monday, the executive roles at Microsoft under went major shifts, as Satya Nadella and Microsoft announced major shifts within their mobile-first cloud-first world. The announcements came out early on Monday, and point to a leaner and focused Microsoft ahead.

The three major executive changes at Microsoft highlight the change of focus for the company. As the company focuses on its future and its cloud focused enterprise world, the changes point to a new guard at Microsoft, and one that can help focus the company in the future.

Microsoft's Scott Guthrie Promoted To Executive VP Role On Monday

Scott Guthrie New Executive Vice President

The first move on Monday at Microsoft was to promote Scott Guthrie to the role of Executive Vice President. He will lead the drive of Microsoft, and has been at Microsoft since 1997. His roles in the .NET world has led the enterprise focus in the company, and is one of Satya Nadella’s key personnel.

Scott Guthrie has led the Azure teams and led its success along the way. He has incredible energy within the company, and has been seen at several public events for Microsoft. It is hoped that Scott Guthrie can led Azure against the major cloud service companies and promote enterprise customers to continue to build with Azure.

Microsoft Promotes Phil Spencer As Head Of Xbox

New Xbox Key Promotion and Elop As Executive VP

Second up was the promotion of Phil Spencer to lead the Xbox team at Microsoft. He will report to Terry Myerson within the company, and blend together the Xbox and Xbox Live teams plus Microsoft Studios. The Xbox has been a highly successful program, and the combination of this new duo with make it even better.

Lastly, Stephen Elop was promoted as Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Devices Group. He comes from Nokia, and will join Microsoft when the deal closes. Elop, a former Microsoft executive brings a vast amount of expertise and leadership to this role, and can bring his devices management skills to Microsoft. He will report to Satya Nadella, and will be an important role as Microsoft Windows Phone, Surface, and other mobile devices roll out.

All of these promotions are well deserved. These are Microsoft veterans, and should form Microsoft into a huge force under Satya Nadella’s role.

Published: Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 Last Modified: April 1, 2014

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