Mad Max Will Have Standalone Story

Developers of the new Mad Max game, Avalanche Studios have announced their version of Mad Max will not follow the upcoming movie’s storyline – a blessing in disguise perhaps?

Mad Max Unveiled at Gamescom

There is a lot of buzz gathering around the upcoming Mad Max game from Avalanche Studios. While it was shown off and unveiled at E3 this year it’s appearance at Gamescom showed vast improvements that impressed those who were in attendence.

Recently senior game designer Emil Kraftling attempted to clarify just what relationship the upcoming video game will have with the feature length film that is also in the pipeline.

“We aren’t limited as such by the contents of the [new] movie,” Kraftling said at Gamescom. “But we are able to use whatever contents of the movie that ties well into the games.”


It is a standalone experience,” Kraftling said. “From the get go that’s how we wanted it, because movie tie-in games tend to be quite bad, and we really want to be wary of heading there. We wanted to create the game with a game experience as the primary focus, and we want core gamers to be able to enjoy this game. We want to enjoy the game ourselves. We want to make a game that we want to play.”

Open World Mayhem Set To Return

Avalanche Studios, the Swedish development team behind titles such as the Just Cause series are set to bring the high octane open world action that featured so heavily in that series to Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic universe.

However, they have promised that the gameplay will be toned down a notch in terms of craziness with more focus on the narrative, making the game more story driven and grounded than the Just Cause series. They say that but in the recent gameplay footage shown we see the main character using a grappling hook fired from his vehicle to tear down sniper towers and gates – so much for toning down the craziness.


The gameplay footage showed Mad Max completing a mission as he attempts to steal a car from a group of vigilantes. After some violent scenes showing Mad Max full repertoire of moves along with vehicle combat action to the fore, we are left in no doubt that this is a mature rated game that will appease those who are looking for some action – lots and lots of violent action.

“Millions” of Customisable Cars and Release Date

Lead level designer, Andreas Gschwari , has also been quoted as saying that there will be millions of car customisation options available that affect car physics, speed, weight and everything else. Upgrades will be earned by salvaging scrap that will form the in game currency and can be attained by completing missions and taking out enemies.


All in all, the game is building up quite a bit of momentum whether it follows or doesn’t follow the same storyline as the upcoming movie. Is going is be very exciting to see Avalanche Studios bring a huge and gigantic open world to new generation of consoles and it doesn’t look like they’re going to disappoint – the game looks amazing so far

The game is slated for release late next year at the moment. You can check out the trailer shown at Gamescom below!

Published: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 Last Modified: September 1, 2013

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