Mac Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 MAC Theme

A Windows 7 Mac Theme! Do you love the interface of a Mac and the usability of Windows 7? Combine both and get the best of both worlds. This incredible Windows 7 Mac Theme makes you believe you are sitting in front of a Mac.

The theme completely changes the taskbar, the shell style, buttons, icons and everything else to simulate the GUI of a Mac.

Mac OS X “Snow Leopard” Theme Screenshots

Let’s take a look at the Mac caption buttons first and then at the Windows “Mac OS X” Explorer when the Mac theme is applied. If you are wondering that that circle is at the right bottom, it’s the Windows Speed Launch (you can find a review on our site).

Mac OS X Caption Buttons
Snow Leopard Mac OS X

Note: In order to install this, you need replace system files. If you don’t know how to replace system files, you can read our tutorials OR use the attached exclusive theme installer.

Included: Theme Installer for Shell Themes

Theme Installer
Update 08/17/2010
We have included a complete tool to install Windows 7 shell themes like this Mac Windows 7 theme! You can of course use it to install other shell themes for Windows 7! This will make replacing system files A LOT easier and will allow beginners to install this Mac theme on Windows 7!

Included: App To Move Caption Buttons

Mac Like Caption Buttons

Mac gadgets

What’s Included?
  • Mac Theme (Value: $10)
  • Theme Installer for Shell Themes (Value: $10)
  • XLefty Program To Move Caption Buttons(Value: $10)
  • Firefox Theme Mac OS X (Value: $5)
  • Dock (Value: $5)
  • Tutorial (Value: $5)
  • Wallpaper .Themepack
  • iPad Theme

Your Price: $0

Download Windows 7 Mac Theme

You’ll also find plenty of other Windows 7 themes on our site and we’re adding constantly new premium themes!

You can download this Windows 7 Theme here:
Download Windows 7 Mac Theme

Mac Icons

To customize your Windows 7 theme, you should start looking for some cool themes for your desktop. If you don’t find any on DA, Iconshock or via Google, you can also download this package of icons for a Mac Windows 7 Theme:

Mac Windows 7 Theme Icons

Cool Mac Wallpaper

MAC Windows 7 Theme

Next, get some cool Wallpapers. You might want to read the following posts. There are plenty of Mac OS X Wallpaper available for download on our sister site

Windows 7 Wallpaper
1250 Windows 8 Wallpapers

Published: Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 Last Modified: February 23, 2015

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