Mac vs. PC: Why I’d always go for the PC!

Microsoft’s latest campaign compares a PC with the over-priced Mac and they do have some very valid points. Here are some more.

Mac OS X Vs. Windows 7

Windows 7 vs. Mac

Mac OS X vs Windows 7 PC

Reasons why you should get a Windows 7 PC:

  • Easy windows management (AeroPeek, AeroSnap, AeroShake!)
  • Macs can take time to learn
  • Simple networking and file sharing
  • User-friendly device management (Windows 7 device manager)
  • Customizing Windows 7 has never been so easy (Windows 7 aero themes!)
  • Compatibility
  • Create movies with the movie maker
  • Quick access to everything (Windows 7 jumplists)

No support for games

Macs might spoil your fun

I’d also point out that Macs still don’t support most games. Well, Steam is starting to support Mac games now, but there are still thousands of unsupported games? Windows has been and will always be the first choice for gamers.

Do you want to spend weeks to get used to the Mac?

One point, I want to single out: Macs can take time to learn. Like most people, I grew up using a Windows PC. I have worked with Macs before, but if I had a choice I’d always go for the PC. Why? Why bother with getting used to something that my Windows PC can already do? Why bother spending hours and hours to learn all of the Mac shortcuts if I am already familiar with Windows? Windows gets the job done just as well.

Hey, help me install this!

A very important point is that most people use Windows, be it Windows XP, Vista or 7. So, you’ll find more people who can help you if you run into any problems. I’m not saying that the Apple community is small or not willing to help. I’m saying that you won’t have that many neighbors with Macs that could help you install your new internet connection or help you to stream media to your TV or other devices (XBOX360). It’s just not going to happen and that can possibly be a problem for non-tech-savvy people.

We can have every little Mac feature on a Windows 7 PC!

Don’t get me wrong. I’d take the time to get used to a Mac, if it was actually worth it. But thanks to a great community, we can add all features of a Mac to a Windows 7 PC in a matter of minutes and keep our compatibility and all of our games. Often you see that design agencies and other companies rely on Macs. Why? Well, one could argue that Adobe software is cheaper for Macs, but a Mac alone is twice the price of a PC. I dare to say that people just want to be different if they buy a Mac – it’s cool being different, right? But at what price? I would NEVER consider buying Apple products, simply because of their pricing policy. Should they ever reduce their prices, I might consider buying something of them. But then it wouldn’t be Apple any longer, would it?

Mac Dock for Windows 7
Mac Spaces for Windows 7
Mac Exposé for Windows 7
Mac Finderbar for Windows 7
Caption buttons on the left
Mac OS X theme for Windows 7

Published: Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 Last Modified: August 11, 2010

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