Lync To Skype Gets Video Calling Plus Skype 7.0 For Windows Released

Lync and Skype recently got a lot of interest in the past few weeks, as Lync was noted to get the transition to Skype For Business. But, news on Friday, adds video calling between the two apps, plus a new version of Skype for Windows marked as version for 7.0, pleases many users.

The addition of video calling between Lync and Skype users will mainly affect enterprise users, but it bridges the gap between those users. It will give video callers in businesses greater interaction, and making the two apps the killers in the video enterprise world of calling and meetings.

Microsoft Updates Skype and Lync To Allow Video Calling Compatability

Calling Between Lync and Skype Goes Real

Users who use Lync 2013 and Skype will now be able to use video calling in their communications. It was noted that the ability to add instant messages and audio calls was done in May 2013, but video calling was a project in motion from Microsoft. Now, it means that users using the two apps can sharing video calls.

It has taken a while to make this happen, with a lot of under the hood improvements needed on both ends. It does require updates to the Lync 2013 client on all platforms, and Windows is the only platform where Skype might need an update. The Skype updated for Windows also gave users a number of updates to give them stability as well.

Microsoft Updates Skype For Windows 7.0 With Updates

Skype Windows Updated To Version 7.0

Along with the updates between Lync and Skype video calling, Microsoft also updated the Skype For Windows to version 7.0 to allow for these updated. It also adds three other items as well, with the main update adding touch capabilities to Skype, which means Surface Pro 3 and touch users can take advantage of Skype.

With Skype 7.0 for Windows, Skype also enabled a compact view for those looking to add more contacts and chats on a screen. Users can do under tools, options, and IM settings to enable that setting. Lastly, a new toggle has been added to show unread messages and a more balanced color scheme. It’s available to download now.

Skype got big updates in version 7.0 for Windows. The enterprise connection for Lync and Skype video calls will please many in the business world we assume as well.

Published: Sunday, December 7th, 2014 Last Modified: December 7, 2014

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