Lync Room System Updated With New Features

Lync is one of the most used Office applications, and whether its a one-on-one presentation or a larger group presentation, Lync is the enterprise client that gets it done. On Tuesday, Microsoft expanded Lync Room System, with a number of enterprise features that look awesome.

Lync Room System is part of Microsoft’s Lync product, and helps with Lync video experiences for organizations, particularly in the conference room. Microsoft is launching the updates with its partners, and it has given business customers reasons to use Lync for their conference room needs.

Microsoft Releases Update To Lync Room System

Dialpad Dialing Now Available

The biggest update for Lync Room System is the optimization of the LRS dial pad. It has been overdone to give users a brand new set of features. Calls can now be made from a meeting in progress, and that is much different than the prior versions. The dial pad has also been fixed to allow local users to look up and add contacts.

Lync Room Users can now also add and initiate meetings from within LRS, which should please many of them. All it takes is two taps to the LRS Calendar Tile, and users can optimize the meeting join experience. Also, users can email Lync Meeting coordinates to invitees, and that means groups can join meetings in progress.

Microsoft Updates and Refreshes The Admin Portal For Lync Room System For IT Pros

Big Admin Update For LRS

The other main area where Microsoft updated LRS, is the administrative web portal. Here, this server-side application has been updated to monitor and manage devices at sites. It now includes improved log collections, live notifications on the portal, displays hotfix version, allowing updates from the portal, accessibility improvements, and log out time expansion to 15 minutes.

Microsoft also refreshed the Lync Room System deployment guide, which will make it easier for companies and organizations to launch LRS in their businesses. This will allow them to see how efficient Lync Room System can be for them, and give them reasons to dial a partner and get in on LRS for their companies conference calls.

LRS is a niche conference call system but a big revenue maker. Microsoft realizes this, and updated LRS for that reason.

Published: Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 Last Modified: December 17, 2014

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