Lync Mobile Update For Android Launches

Lync is a program that many either know about, or know nothing about, and Microsoft knows that. As Lync is one of Microsoft’s most successful enterprise tools, the need to expand it to Android tablets became apparent. On Thursday, the Lync update for Android tablets was released.

The announcement to bring Lync to Android tablets was made three months ago during the Lync Conference, and Lync users have been waiting for its release. The new Lync app supports Android phones and tablets, and has two great features to make conversations better.

Microsoft Shows Off Latest Lync For Android Phone/Tablet Update

The Lync Android Update

The new Lync Android app launched this week, and is comparable to the Windows Surface mobile apps. The app brings the entire process of the Lync application to Android phones and tablets, and is available for larger screen Android tablets and phones. It is free, and a Lync subscription is needed to use it.

With the update, now users can add participants to an ongoing Lync Meeting. This will allow people to get input of the right person during a meeting, and being able to add them on the spot is a highly useful feature. Meetings can be held at anytime with Lync, and being able to dial up someone to quickly join a meeting is key.

Microsoft Gives Enterprise Users Instant Group Conversations With Android Lync Update

Group Conversations Anytime

The other main update made to the Lync Android app is the ability to have an ad-hoc group conversation, and Lync meetings don’t have to be scheduled ahead of time. Users can send invitations to a group conversation at anytime, and start a group conversation at any moment.

With this ability to have an instant group conversation, users can have conversations that involve IM, calls, video, or email. The person invited to the conversation will receive a notification if not available, and will allow for a wider group of group conversations to be had in the enterprise. Simple updates like this for enterprise users, make having mobile conversation easier, and group conversations even easier. The Lync update is available now, and is available for a wide number of Android phones and tablets.

This Lync update for Android is big for enterprise users. It means more Android phones and tablets can be used, and now with Lync controlling the meetings.

Published: Friday, May 16th, 2014 Last Modified: May 16, 2014

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