Lync Gets Desktop Updates From Microsoft

The Lync desktop client is something that millions of enterprise and business customers use on a daily basis. As one of Microsoft’s major communication tools, updating is important for Microsoft. On Thursday, the company detailed the latest updates for the Lync Desktop Client.

Overall, the Lync Desktop Client got a number of overall updates that users will find very helpful. From picture updates, high resolution monitor support, and easier transfer of files, the Lync Desktop Client should be much easier to use for those who use it daily.

Microsoft Updates Lync Desktop Client

Toggling Pictures

By far, the biggest update for the Lync Desktop Client is the ability to toggle pictures of the sender or receiver. The ability to display the picture of the sender or receiver has been available in the Lync Desktop Client, but some users via feedback to Microsoft wanted the ability to turn this off.

Microsoft updated the Lync Desktop Client with the software patch to give them that ability. Now, users can toggle whether or not they want the pictures displayed, and that will decide whether or not those pictures appear in the IM conversations. Microsoft took this feedback very seriously, and it marks a big improvement for Lync.

Microsoft Gives Lync Desktop Client Users Better File and Picture Transfer Support

High Resolution Support Plus File Transfer

The Lync Desktop Client also received updates for high-resolution monitors, and that mainly has to do with the hiher PRI monitors arriving on the market. With Windows 8.1 supporting higher resolution monitors like 3K displays, Lync will be able to support them with better text and image support. Also, this will provide better mouse and touch support for the client on these monitors.

Lastly, the ability to send file transfers during persistant chat rooms has been added, and now other members can also receive files. It was a feature that many Lync users had requested of Microsoft, and now it is available. File and picture transfers are important to meetings of all sizes for any company, and now the ability to send files and pictures has been made so much easier from Microsoft.

The Lync client is a huge enterprise one, but one that many use. By updating it, Microsoft is giving business customers better tools to use 24/7.

Published: Friday, February 28th, 2014 Last Modified: February 28, 2014

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