Lync and Outlook Web App Get Updates

Two of the most used enterprise programs from Microsoft are Lync and Outlook Web App. They aren’t the most sexy of programs, but if you talk to almost any mobile professional, you will find these programs used a ton, and they are always looking for updates. On Wednesday, updates arrived on both programs.

Lync for Windows has been needing a number of updates, and in its blog post finally got it. With Outlook Web App, options and settings were updated, giving it more of a material upgrade, but one that users who use it often enough will notice right away.

Microsoft Updates Lync 2013 Windows Client

Lync For Windows Update

Lync 2013 for Windows Client got a big update on Wednesday, which gives users the option to eliminate the images of sender and receivers in IM convesations, without disabling them in the contact list. Also, the update lets IM options in the options dialog box easier to find. Call quality was also increased to allow for better audio calling via Lync.

All of these updates for Lync on Windows, will give users who use Lync a lot, better control over their conversations and images of people during calls. Audio quality was a concern for a while, and the call quality update will be noticed immediately from those who use it. It’s the enterprise option for Skype, and one that enterprise customers use daily. It’s available now to update via their normal channel of updates or Offie 365.

Microsoft Updates Outlook Web App With Options Updates

Outlook Web App Updates

Outlook Web App got more of a material update, and now users can customize their OWA experience. Once they click the gear icon in the upper corner of OWA. Users will now be able to choose individual or group options, and these will allow for appearances and other items to be adjusted in their profile.

Various other dropdown menus have been adjusted in OWA, and those include the automatic replies area, the rules area of OWA, and more. Microsoft in its blog post, stated they aim to make OWA more accessible to users via mobile apps, smart phones, and tablets. Microsoft is rolling the OWA updates over the next few months, and is something that needs to be rolled out slowly since millions use the product currently.

I tried the Lync update and it works great. OWA isn’t something I use alot, but I know enough business travellers who use it, and will let me know how it works now.

Published: Thursday, October 16th, 2014 Last Modified: October 16, 2014

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